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Dreaming of embracing your natural curls for your wedding day? We’ve got you covered!

Many of us with naturally curly hair grew up thinking it was “messy” or uncontrollable. We all have the memory of a hairbrush getting stuck in our tangles when trying to tame our curls into something more “presentable.” But those days are long gone! Curly hair is making a comeback and being embraced by people, young and old.

From following dedicated curly accounts on Instagram to watching short, snappy videos on TikTok, millions want to know how to ditch the straighteners for good and embrace their lovely curls. People just don’t know where to start. So the idea of having curly hair for a big event, like a wedding, can be totally off-putting.

We may be a little biased, but we think natural curls are beautiful for any occasion, especially on your wedding day. It’s so important that you feel your most confident, beautiful self on your big day, so we have the perfect tips for you.

Where Do I Start With Curly Hair?

It all starts with getting your hair in the best condition possible. For curls to shine, they need to be nourished and healthy. This will take some time, so start taking care of your curls as soon as possible. The Only Curls Starter Set four-step system is a great way to start. This consists of a cleanser, conditioner, curl crème and gel.

We always recommend sulphate-free cleansers for curly hair. These don’t strip the hair of natural oils and are so much kinder for curls. Our Only Curls Curl Cleanser uses gentler alternatives to sulphates. The hair is cleaned really well, but maintains the necessary moisture and oil needed for nourished locks. Following the Cleanser with the Curl Conditioner and Hydrating Curl Creme ensures that your hair is even more moisturised. This is so important for curly hair as it is typically drier than straighter hair. The hair’s oils are unable to travel down the spiral hair shaft, making curly hair drier (the science-y bit!).

When it comes to your wedding day itself, the last thing you’ll want to worry about is washing your hair. We recommend washing and styling your hair the night before, so you can be as stress-free as possible on the day. “But won’t my curls be ruined overnight?” I hear you ask. Well, there’s a wonderful little thing known as a Satin Sleep Turban. Simply scoop your curls up in a loose ponytail or pineapple (with a Silk Scrunchie of course!), pop your satin bonnet over your lovely curls and this will protect them through the night. Your curls might need a little refreshing in the morning, but for the most part, they will still be intact and ready for styling. The Enhancing Curl Gel is ideal for refreshing as it creates lovely defined and long-lasting curls. Use a little of the gel with some water to refresh the curls and add extra hold and shine.

What Wedding Hair Styles Can I Wear?

So what style is suitable for curly hair? The simple answer is whatever you’d like! Curly hair can have all the versatility of straight hair, but it can feel more whimsical and fun. Naturally curly brides can go with stylish up-dos, elegant half-up styles or cascading curls.  A beautiful trend that goes well with curly hair is accessorising with flowers. Flowers can be delicately woven through the hair, or a gorgeous flower crown for something more dramatic.

Of course, it isn’t just the bride who can embrace their curls. Bridesmaids and wedding guests can also style their natural curls. In our opinion, the more people who accept and love their curls, the better! To help you get inspired ahead of your big day, we've compiled some amazing wedding curls from our curly community and customers in the gallery below.

Show your hairdresser a few images of the styles you like or give it a go yourself.

If you’re ready to show off your natural, beautiful curls on your wedding day, we think these tips are the perfect way to start. It might seem a little daunting, but you won’t regret it. The Only Curls team are always on hand to help you have amazing hair, not just on your wedding day, but every day of the week! Contact us today to start your curly journey - we'd love to help.

Wedding Curls Gallery

Massive thanks to our amazing curly community and customers for sharing their amazing wedding pics:













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