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Our best selling collections of minis. Bundled in packs of 100ml so you can try the whole range.

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Wash Day Wonders

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Cleansing & Conditioning

Clean your hair without damaging your curls with our curly cleansing products

All Curl Conditioner

All Curl Cleanser

Deep Hydration Hair Mask

Cleansing Co-Wash

Exfoliating Scalp Scrub

Shampoo Bar


Styling Products

Get frizz-free, long lasting curls every time with our styling products

Hydrating Curl Creme

Enhancing Curl Gel

Mega Hold Curl Gel

Volumising Curl Mousse

Nourishing Hair Oil


Fragrance Free

Our original Only Curls products without the perfume for those looking for products without fragrance ingredients.

All Curl Cleanser

All Curl Conditioner

Hydrating Curl Creme

Enhancing Curl Gel


Hair Accessories

Accessories designed to compliment your curls without adding frizz

Hair Clips

Silk Scrunchies

NEW: Claw Clips

Satin Headbands

Satin Donuts

Satin Lined Beanies

New to Only Curls?

Our Starter Pack contains all four of our styling products, and is the best way to try our curly method for the first time.

Shop the Starter Pack for £30

✨ It's BACK ✨

Nourishing Hair Oil

Our new lightweight, multi-tasking hair oil is back in stock.

Enhance shine and lock in moisture, a perfect product to finish or refresh your curls

"This oil is SO beautiful. I have tried my fair share of oils, but this one hits my top faves list already." - Sarah J.

"If there's a game-changing product for curly hair, this is it."

- The Independent

New to Only Curls?

Our Starter Pack contains all four of our styling products, and is the best way to try our curly method for the first time. It's also a perfect gift for a curly friend... 

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Formulated for ALL curl types

Curls, coils, kinks or waves, we've got you covered. Our lightweight, yet ultra hydrating curly hair products have been formulated to suit ALL curls.


Our Story

We are a small London based company that are simply passionate about curly hair.  We understand that curly hair is fragile and needs special care. All our styling products are packed with natural nourishing ingredients that penetrate and hydrate the hair, bringing curls back to life. 

Whether you’re new to Only Curls, or just starting your curly journey, how much product to use is often the first question that comes to mind. It’s one of the most common questions we come across, and it’s a tricky one! The ideal amount of product depends on so many factors: hair thickness, length, and texture.

Here are some great starting points for each of our products. You can always reduce or increase this as you try out the products, in fact, we encourage this! Experimenting with the products is the best way to find what suits your hair best. 💗

Using a mousse is a fantastic lightweight styling technique to help boost volume, smooth frizz and define curls. It's also a perfect to use for refreshing next day curls.

Here’s the how-to... 😊 


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