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Everything you need to know to start your curly journey!

Have you ever wondered if your frizzy hair could actually be curly? Do you have curls but just don’t know how to care for them? Read on to find all the answers to your curly questions and see how you can embrace your beautiful textured hair.

How do I know if I have curly hair?

There’s some common things to look out for with curly hair. Frizz is often a sign of textured hair, so if your hair frizzes easily or it has a natural kink to it, you may have hidden waves and curls! Does brushing your hair make it bigger and frizzier instead of smoother? It could be a sign of curly hair! 

Are you intrigued? Why not try this simple method to see if you actually have curly hair? Following a curl routine could be what your hair’s been missing!

What products should I use?

There are tons of products to choose from, but how can you know what's right for you? Here at Only Curls we like to keep things simple. Our handy Starter Bundle is the perfect kit to begin your curly journey. It contains our tried and tested 4-step system that is loved by thousands of curlies, along with our award-winning Microfibre Towel. The kit contains our Cleanser, Conditioner, Hydrating Creme and Enhancing Gel, all in 100ml travel size so you can test the products for yourself. Follow our simple Curly Method to enhance and nourish your textured hair.

Is there one product I should avoid using too much off?

With conditioner, there’s a fine balance between too much and too little. Most of us with curly hair assume we need tons of conditioner. While conditioner is important, what you actually need is lots of water. Start with a small amount of conditioner, rake it through your hair and apply more water. Comb it all through and the hair should feel slippery and seaweed like. An easy technique you shouldn’t skip on wash day is known as “Squish-to-Condish,” where you scrunch water into your conditioned curls for extra hydration. For extra hydration and enhanced curls, give The Bowl Method a try for soft and defined results.

What is one product I can easily incorporate into my routine when starting my curl journey?

A leave-in styling product. Curly hair is typically dry, and using leave-in styling products will help keep your hair well-moisturised. Our Hydrating Curl Creme is our best selling product for a reason! You pop it in the hair when it’s soaking wet to eliminate frizz and help the curls clump together.

Should I diffuse or air-dry?

It’s really personal preference, but diffusing can be better for certain hair types. Diffusing saves so much time, and it reduces water weight faster. This is especially good for looser curl types that can be easily weighed down by too much water. Diffusing will add bounce and definition to looser waves and curls. If you prefer to air-dry, or even if you diffuse, you should definitely invest in our Microfirbre Towel or Curly Towel Turban. The soft microfibre fabric is so gentle on curls and tames frizz. It’s also a really absorbent material so it cuts down on drying time even more. Gently scrunching with the microfibre towel helps enhance definition before air-drying or diffusing. For the best results with diffusing, see our tutorial here.

Should I brush textured hair when it’s dry?

We would recommend not brushing wavy or curly hair when it’s dry. Brushing textured hair when it’s dry creates frizz and can cause breakage, as well as disrupting the natural curl pattern. So step away from the hair brush and gently finger detangle or use a wide-tooth comb to detangle in between wash days. If you do need to use a brush on very knotty hair, make sure it’s one designed for gentle detangling that will glide easily through the hair, and always detangle from the bottom up to protect your hair.

What if my results aren’t what I hoped for?

Everyone’s hair is different so experimenting with the products will help you find what works best for you and your curls. Those with finer, looser curls won’t need as much moisturising Creme as those with thicker, drier curls. Using a smaller amount of Creme and a bit more Gel will help to add hold and define the curls for looser curl types. Those with tighter curl patterns tend to need a bit more moisture as curly hair is naturally drier. 

Sometimes we need a little patience too! If your hair is damaged, it can take time for hair health to improve, which in turn helps the curls. Continuing to take care of your hair and using nourishing products will improve your results over time. Try to limit the use of high heat, and use a deep conditioning treatment like our Deep Hydration Mask to help restore your hair health.

Some people can also experience a transition phase if they’ve never used sulfate-free and silicone-free products before. This can definitely impact your first few results, and it can be disappointing if you’re not in the know. It can take a good few washes for the hair to adjust to products without sulfates and silicones. Sulfates can be harsh on curls, and silicones create a coating on the hair that causes build-up, which is why we decided not to include them in our products. The key is don’t give up! Your hair will adjust and your curls will thank you.

What if I just don’t have the time for curl care?

Did you know that drying your hair with a diffuser will take less time than blow drying and straightening? What is important is getting your hair right on wash day and taking a little time to make sure it’s styled well. This will help your hair in between wash days so you’ll only need a quick refresh. We recommend dampening the hair on non-wash days and scrunching in some Volumising Curl Mousse for gorgeous, bouncy, next-day curls. Our Refresh Bundle has everything you need for the simplest refresh. Check out our Refresh Method starring the Curl Mousse here.

Another time saver is to protect your curls overnight so they last longer. Try using a silk or satin pillowcase, or satin turban, to reduce frizz and tangles while you sleep. Using a silk or satin pillowcase will keep all the lovely moisture in the hair and not dry out the curls like regular cotton pillowcases. They’re amazing for your skin too! Following this simple step protects your hair from breakage, as well as maintaining your curls overnight. This means it takes even less time to get ready in the morning.

Where can I look for advice when feeling overwhelmed with my curls?

We have a team of curl experts available to help you with all your curl questions. Simply email or DM our team all your curl questions and we can help with a personalised routine!

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