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We love that curls come in all shapes and sizes, with different textures and lengths! Short curls sometimes need a little more help, so follow our tips for gorgeous defined curls.

Smooth, Hydrated Curls

After washing and conditioning as normal, apply a tiny amount of our Hydrating Curl Creme if your hair is in need of extra moisture or if it is easily tangled. If you do find your curls knot easily, we recommend using a wide-tooth comb to detangle. This also ensures the product is evenly distributed. Add a very small amount of Creme on soaking wet hair to create slip, and comb this through, before gently scrunching to reform your curls. If your short hair isn’t particularly dry, you can skip the Hydrating Creme and go straight to the Mousse or Gel.

How To Define Short Curls

To define your curls, try a little finger coiling, especially on tricky areas that don’t seem to curl as easily. This technique adds definition and smooths frizz, while also maintaining your curls for longer.

Are your short curls looking a little flat?

Try our Volumising Curl Mousse to give them a boost! The lightweight formula is perfect for short curls, adding volume without weighing your hair down. It contains protein to strengthen curls and add bounce. Another great technique is root clipping. To add volume at the root, place small claw clips at your roots while drying. Simply remove the clips once your hair is completely dry. You’ll be amazed at the difference it makes!

To add hold and definition, apply either our Enhancing Gel, or the stronger Mega Hold Gel. With short curls, you can apply more gel nearer the root and scrunch in well to define your hair. If frizz is a big issue for you, smooth a little more gel over your hair when it’s about 80% dry and gently scrunch or finger-twist for frizz-free and bouncy curls. If the curls feel slightly crispy when dry, simply “scrunch-out-the-crunch” to break up any gel cast.

Drying Short Curls

One of the perks of short hair is how quick and easy it is to dry. Even air-drying your curls can be done in minutes. A great tool for short curls is our lovely microfibre towel. It’s so soft and gentle on curls, reducing frizz and removing excess water to speed up the drying process even more! Avoid rubbing your hair with the towel as this can create frizz, but instead gently scrunch your curls with the towel to help redefine them and remove water. You can also diffuse short curls to add extra definition and quicken your drying time. Check out our frizz-free diffusing tutorial to help.

How can you help your short curls last longer than a day?

Protecting your curls overnight is so important. The best way to protect shorter curls is to use a silk pillowcase or satin sleep turban. Using either of these will reduce frizz and tangles while you sleep, while also locking in moisture to maintain your curls. If needed, you can do a quick refresh in the morning with a little water and some gel. This will help revive your curls in between wash days. Another great tip is to use a strong hold gel, like our Mega Hold Gel, on wash day. This will add lasting hold and definition.

Knowing how to style short curls can be a little tricky but with these useful tips, your short curls will be bouncy, defined, and fabulous!

Hair growth is a very popular topic, and can be a cause of concern for people who experience significant hair loss. Is there anything you can do to boost hair growth? 

Do you wake up in the morning after perfecting your wash day curls with a limp, frizzy mop atop your head? Are you looking for a way to extend those luscious curls an extra day or two in your hair wash routine? Do you find your hair often feels quite dry and experiences a lot of breakage? 

For those of us with curly hair, there can be an ongoing battle between protein and moisture. Usually, we go for the more moisturising products, but could we be missing something? Do you feel like your curls don’t last past wash day? Does your hair feel soft and lacking in definition? Protein could be the answer! 


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