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Our very own Curl Care Expert - Sherie, put together some clips showing some different application techniques for your next wash day.

In this post you'll see how to do the following amazing techniques to get your curls popping:

Bowl Method Technique

If you’re looking to add extra hydration into your routine the bowl method is great for this and helps form those juicy curl clumps!

Apply your conditioner, comb it through, and then dip your hair into the bowl to rinse off, 3-4 times, before applying the Hydrating Curl Creme.

Praying Hands

The praying hands technique is used to smooth styling products over your curls to minimise frizz and avoid disrupting the curl pattern.

Pop a small amount of your Hydrating Curl Creme or Enhancing Curl Gel in your hands and then smooth over the hair as shown in the video. Afterwards give your curls a scrunch and move on to diffusing.

Finger Coiling Method

Finger coiling has become one of the most talked about techniques for training your curls. It helps add extra curls and definition into your hair.

Simply apply your styling products as normal and coil your curl around your fingers to enhance and define.

My crown is where I use this the most to add extra volume and the curls around my face - perfect for face framing.

Raking Method

This method is my personal favourite for adding extra volume. If you have fine hair and want more definition and volume, try this technique in small sections.

Pop some Hydrating Curl Creme into your hands and rake it from root to end with your fingers, this will detangle and create smooth curls, scrunch to enhance definition.

Denman Brush Coiling Method

Who would have thought curly hair and a brush could mix! The perfect combo for enhancing bouncy curls, this method is probably the most used amongst the curly community.

First apply your Hydrating Curl Creme. Then hold the brush vertically and section a small group of curls. The curls will glide through the bristles, begin to twirl the brush and the curls will start to coil around the brush handle. Then unravel the brush in a reverse twirl revealing the curl clump and scrunch.

Squish to Condish Method

After applying conditioner, squish and scrunch your hair upwards before rinsing- this action forces both water and conditioner into the hair for maximum hydration.

Follow Sherie on instagram here and as always, let us know if you have any questions by email - our team are always on hand to offer curly advice!

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