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The Only Curls Method Step by Step

Gorgeous Curly Girl Stephanie Bäck (@crueltyfree_curls) has put together this amazing curly hair tutorial using our Only Curls Method step by step routine. 

"I have always been in pursuit of healthy hair, and the key has always been good products and different styling techniques. Living in Europe made it significantly harder to find curly hair products since most of them were being sold in the USA. It was also difficult to find products that were cruelty free and vegan. I wanted to be able to have great hair without compromising my moral values. Then I discovered Only Curls a cruelty free brand based in London which made it close to home.
Many products have weighed my hair down but not Only Curls they lifted them up and gave me more definition and richer volume. My hair has definitely improved since using Only Curls and I can surely say that this brand will continue being my friend on this healthy hair journey.
Here is a little quick tutorial of how I use my Only Curls products. Only Curls Method Step by Step: 
1) All Curl Cleanser.
The Only Curls All Curl Cleanser creates a rich lather that cleanses my scalp but still leaves my hair feeling soft.
I start by distributing the shampoo at the front of my head, the sides and the back to ensure that I have thoroughly coated my entire scalp. Then I massage it in for a few minutes until it creates a soft lather which I then coat the rest of my hair with. I leave it in for 1-2 minutes to let it work its magic and then rise it out.
All Curl Cleanser
2) All Curl Conditioner.
The Only Curls All Curl Conditioner is infused with 6 moisturising oils that replenishes any lost moisture to the hair. So when using it I start by coating my hair and then proceed to “Squish to Condish”.
In this case your hair works like a sponge so in order for it to absorb the product you have to squish out the water and then release it so that it sucks in all of the conditioner.

All Curl Conditioner


I then use the Only Curls pink speckle comb to gently detangle and leave it in for about 5-10 minutes. Lastly i either rinse out by squishing in more water or putting my head under the shower.
Pink speckle comb
3) Hydrating Curl Creme.
The Only Curls Hydrating Curl Creme nourishes your curls post-shower so that you don’t lose that vital moisture. 

Hydrating Curl Creme

I Leave my hair soaking wet and then apply the cream in two sections by switching between the praying-hands-method and squishing.

praying hand method


4) Microfibre Towel. 
Before applying the gel I use my Only Curls microfibre towel to squeeze out the excess water.
Drying quick with Microfibre towel
5) Enhancing Curl Gel. 
The Only Curls Enhancing Curl Gel enhances your curl pattern and defines the curls, leaving you with a glorious crown. I usually apply my gel the same way as I do the curl cream. Praying hands and then squish.

Enhancing Curl Gel
Finish by diffusing. And that’s it! I always trust this method and Only Curls to give me great results every wash day!"

Stephanie Bäck

Stephanie Bäck

 Only Curls Method Step by Step

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