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How I transformed my curls in lockdown.

Embracing your lockdown curls

There have been many twists and turns through the rocky road of this pandemic. One unexpected positive for us has been the amount of people using lockdown as an opportunity to embrace their natural curls. With glossy salon blow dries out of the question, and with so many no longer needing to be dressed in office attire, it’s been a great opportunity for people to work on getting their natural curls back.

Here at the Only Curls HQ we are so happy to have seen so many new customers as a result of this, and have spent the lockdown supporting them on their journey back to curly.

We reached out to some of our curly customers to ask them about their lockdown curly journey.

Only Curls Customer: Katie P.

An amazing lockdown curl transformation


Katie began her curly journey in May 2020, starting with the Only Curls Mini Collection.

What made you try the CGM (Curly Girl Method)?

One of my colleagues at work started the method at the beginning of 2020 and her hair looked fabulous. She would always normally come in with poker straight hair until one day her hair was so beautiful and wavy! She explained the method to me but at the time it sounded too time consuming. Then a National pandemic started and I was locked at home! I decided it was the perfect time to try it and I've never looked back!

When did you begin?

I started the curly girl method in May 2020.

How long was it before you saw a difference in your curls?

Believe it or not, I saw results on the first wash! I suddenly saw some definition back in my curls and it really excited me! It took a few months for the really impressive results to come through but straight away I noticed changes. I did also go through what is known as the 'transition' phase a few weeks into CGM. For a while my hair seemed frizzy, limp and greasy. This was a difficult phase to go through and it was hard to keep going when I consistently got bad results. However I kept going and my hair came through it better than ever! 

Have your curls continued to improve?

Yes! Obviously we all have bad wash days every now and then, but overall my hair absolutely continues to improve! I think as well as this being down to continuously using good quality products and following the CGM guidance, it's also down to learning so much about my hair and what it needs! Most washes I learn something new!

What were the things you found difficult?

When I first started CGM I found it all quite overwhelming. It was very difficult to know where to start as there was so much information out there. Once I had started and began to understand the method a little better, I think what I found hard was finding the best combination of products for me. Some products that worked miracles for others, did not work well for me at all! It took a lot of time and patience to figure out what my curls needed and loved.

How have you adapted the CG 'rules' to suit you?

I have a lot of hair and it is both thick and long. Therefore when diffusing, I have to have it on the hottest and fastest settings. If I didn't then by the time I would finish drying my hair it would be time for another wash day! 

Would you ever go back to straightening your hair?

This is also another 'rule' I have 'adapted' for myself. I like to straighten my hair every now and then for a change! It will only be once every few months but I enjoy doing this. I now always make sure that the products I use in my hair are free of any nasty ingredients such as sulfates, silicones etc. so when I straighten my hair once in a while it doesn't cause any damage.I always follow this with a clarifying wash and a deep conditioning moisture mask!

Amazing Curly Transformations

Katie P's Lockdown Curls

Only Curls Customer: Karen W.


Curly Girl Karen and her amazing lockdown curly journey

What made you try the CGM?

I started realising my hair was snapping off at shoulder length and was incredibly frizzy when drying, my sister has amazing curly hair and told me I needed to try the curly girl method and I had nothing left to loose with hair that had tension alopecia from wearing extensions for 10 years!

When did you begin?

I had a couple of false starts but have been consistent for about 9 months now. 

how long was it before you saw a difference in your curls? 

I saw an instant change but a real marked improvement where I actually felt confident and loved wearing my hair natural all the time was about 3 months. 

Have your curls continued to improve?

Yes! Although I now colour my hair as well I’ve seen constant week on week improvement!

What were the things you found difficult?

I found it difficult knowing how to dress and style with curls especially when going for dinner or when I wanted to look well put together! 

How have you adapted the CG ‘rules’ to suit you?

I use colour (the pink is not natural! I know, shock!) I have also tried mixing in and out non CG approved products to see what works for me. Also... I dry brush!! 

Would you ever go back to straightening your hair?

I might try it out but I think I’ll loose that sparkle! Natural hair just feels so much more special to me!

Fave Only Curls products?

The All Curl Cleanser and Conditioner which I use every single wash day.

Lockdown curl transformation

Karen's spectacular curl transformation in lockdown

Have you embraced your curls during lockdown? We'd love to see your curly journey. Tag us in your pictures @onlycurlslondon and use #lockdowncurls.


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